Sales Call Execution

Winning Market Share – Sales Call Execution

The world of sales is undergoing significant changes.  Competition is keener – product portfolios are larger – market conditions are changing at a more rapid rate. Sales people have to know more and know it at a higher level of competency than ever before.

This means great sales call execution programs look much different today than yesterday. The standards have changed and companies are more demanding. Today a great sales call execution program must address more skill sets – in the same amount of time – at a lower price – while achieving a high level of proficiency. 

The Winning Market Share – Sales Call Execution program was developed with and tested by Fortune 1000 companies who must meet the new standards.

So, what does Winning Market Share – Sales Call Execution look like?

  • It incorporates all the adult learning principles required to create real performance change.
  • It is very interactive.
  • It maximizes practice and discussion – and minimizes lecture.
  • It incorporates customized exercises so relevancy and realism is optimized.

The one-day
program introduces eleven skill sets fundamental for planning and executing more compelling face-to-face sales calls. The eleven skill sets fall into four performance categories: Building the Customer Relationship, Selling Value, Opening and Closing, and Creating a Strategic Advantage. Taking a closer look at each ...

Building the Customer Relationship
  • Networking – Getting the right message, to the right person, at the right time
  • Building credibility and trust
  • Managing tricky situations and handling objections

Selling Value

  • Developing pre-call plans
  • Investigating and developing customer needs by improving questioning and active listening skills
  • Improving how to position your solution 

Opening and Closing

  • Creating a customer-centered opening
  • Obtaining a commitment that moves the sales cycle forward

Creating a Strategic Advantage

  • Understanding the business environment
  • Improving team selling
  • Selling at the senior level


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